Söderbergföretagen acquires Formteknik i Gislaved AB

Söderbergföretagen's subsidiary Nordic Plastics Group, together with Formteknik, form a new unique constellation. The companies' joint customer offering will be complete with Formteknik's injection molded articles and the mould manufacturing tools, together with Nordic Plastics Group's processed high-tech plastic components.

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Söderbergföretagen acquires the majority of Nätstations Alliansen

18 May 2022

As electrification increases in society, new demands are placed on large investments in electrical infrastructure. Because of this, Söderbergföretagen acquires the majority of Nätstations Al…

Acquisition of Finnish Normi Group by Söderbergföretagen and AB Blinkfyrar

01 November 2021

The Finnish market leader Normi Group consists of four separate companies with wide-ranged expertise in infrastructure, traffic guidance, rock excavation and contracting in various ITS proje…

Ulf Ramsay has been appointed CEO of Constant Clean

01 October 2021

For more than 20 years Ulf Ramsay has been working at Constant Clean and during the past year as the company Vice President.