SEAB Nordic: the largest distributor of vehicle care products in the Nordic region, and a leader in the field of carwash facilities

With strong international brands, our product portfolio is an obvious choice for the care, protection and preservation of vehicles and their life in the garage. Together with our comprehensive and environmentally friendly offers for carwash facilities, we supply to an interesting and growing sector within the field of vehicle care.

SEAB Nordic is a group of companies that are essentially autonomous in their respective markets of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. This is because these markets are more different than they are alike, and since our customers are mainly national, our structure allows us to work close to them

In total, we offer over 700 products, both classics and the latest developments. For instance, our brands include WD-40, Turtle Wax and STP, but also skin care products from O’Keeffe’s, for hardworking hands and skin. And yes, the fragrant spruces from Wunder-Baum are still one of our best sellers. We have invested in quality ever since we started over 50 years ago. Because our products are always intended to be the best, they are rarely the cheapest. We base our business on internationally well-known high-quality brands that are in great demand.

Our products are now available at both small gas stations and the really big do-it-yourself department stores. This is also one of the reasons why we like to call ourselves a leader: quality products with high availability for the consumer thanks to strong and well-developed distribution.

Söderbergföretagen’s acquisition of our group has resulted in the refinement of several processes and the introduction of new ones, in order to capitalise on greater digitalisation, broaden the customer base and adapt the organisation to new customer types. Online sales and professional customers are now priority growth areas for us.

What our producers have in common is that they are continually developing products and exciting pipelines. This provides us with excellent opportunities to respond to market changes, new consumption patterns and other trends in society with a dynamic product portfolio. For this reason, fewer and fewer fuel additives are being used today, and customers are opting for more environmentally smart high-quality car detailing products. The world is changing, and so are we.

Through the companies Constant Clean in Sweden and Auto Care in Norway, we also offer complete solutions for both automated carwashes and do-it-yourself systems. In an industry that was previously considered a contributor to pollution, we now serve as an environmental role model – especially because, as a player in this field, we offer carwash chemicals with the Nordic swan (Svanenmärket, the Nordic ecolabel).

We listen to the customer, while at the same time sharing our experience and knowledge. Our continued success depends on us working together – with producers, professional customers and consumers. In addition, we are continuing to ramp up our sustainability work in order to provide an example. Our strong product portfolio also helps us to succeed, time and time again, in attracting employees with great knowledge, interest and passion for the products we sell. In turn, this results in satisfied customers, and in a range which both professional customers and consumers perceive as always up-to-date.

  • Location: Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki
  • Group CEO Nordic: Åge Solem | CEO Sweden: Torbjörn Sjöving | CEO Norway: Svein Byermoen | CEO Denmark: Kim Ottosson | CEO Finland: Vesa Tuokko
  • Customers: DIY warehouses and chains, service stations, spare part supply chains and shops, online shops, as well as professional customer and pharmaceutical chains.
  • Turnover: SEK 450 million
  • Employees: 70
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001