ProVia: improving safety during roadworks

At ProVia, we sell temporary traffic devices which enhance security and facilitate road closure management during both large- and small-scale road construction projects. With our complete and unique range and extensive experience, we are contributing to make Swedish traffic smarter and safer, both for those working on the road and those driving on it.

Roadworks are often a nuisance for motorists, particularly because they always seem to happen at inconvenient times, resulting in what feels like endless queuing. But, truth be told, roadworks are a sign that the Swedish road network is continuously becoming both safer and smarter, and in order for that development to continue, road workers and highway maintainers need a safe and efficient work environment. Within the Infrastructure business area of Söderbergföretagen, a unique and strong Nordic offer is created with complete solutions of intelligent and safe transport systems to ensure increased traffic safety.

We offer an extraordinary wide range of products for those involved in roadwork, from lane-closure materials and crash protection to digital signs with remote-controlled messages. Recent additions to our range include solutions for emergency vehicles that improve safety for both emergency personnel and for motorists.

Our strength is based on experience, a personal and high level of service, strong agencies for leading manufacturers of road safety products and in-house production facilities. For instance, we provide the entire range of products and services from industry leader Horizont-Klemmfix. And because we produce products in-house, we are able to quickly deliver smaller, larger and custom-made series for both scheduled and urgent needs. 

Ever since our founding in 1971, we have been careful to retain the flexibility, commitment and high level of service of the small company. We are an expert and long-term partner and together with our customers, we face the changes coming our way, in both large and small. This includes everything from self-driving vehicles and digitisation to sustainability regulations and new legal requirements.

  • Location Skoghall and Stockholm
  • CEO: Elisabeth Nagy
  • Customers: Mainly rental companies in construction, municipalities, road contractors and construction companies.
  • Turnover: SEK 50 million
  • Employees: 15
  • Certifications: SS-EN12899, ISO 14001