Normi Group: Complete solution of intelligent transport systems

The Finnish market leader Normi ​​Group is a group of companies with the companies; Normiopaste, Normivalaistus, Normilouhinta and Varala Engineering. Together with Swedish market leading Blinkfyrar and ProVia, a strong Nordic offer is created with complete solutions of intelligent and safe transport systems.

Normi ​​Group was founded by Tommi Saarni, a prominent Finnish entrepreneur. His journey started by founding NormiKilpi in 1987, which came to change its name to Normiopaste in 2018. For many years, a solid network of subcontractors has grown and today Normi ​​Group takes on large assignments. For example, Normiopaste has manufactured and installed ITS signs for Motorway 1, "Ring Road III" in Helsinki. Another major project is Normilouhintas s.k. wedging of Tottola railway tunnel for Salon Louhinta Palvelu Oy.

Society and road traffic is digitized, digitalized and changing by the day. Through the collaboration between the companies in the Infrastructure business area of Söderbergföretagen, a great knowledge is now available. Expertise in areas such as ITS (intelligent transport systems), traffic guidance, safety products, contracting and rock blasting. This knowledge is invaluable and of great importance in the process of breaching into new markets, meet future requirements and contribute to a more sustainable society with increased traffic safety.

Normiopaste is Finland's leading specialist in road safety solutions, including associated contracting. The company offers the most advanced technology in the road sign and sign industry. With state-of-the-art materials, high-quality products with low life cycle costs are guaranteed.

Normivalaistus provides reliable, innovative and competitive solutions and services in intelligent transport systems (ITS), street lighting, other public outdoor lighting and traffic telematics. The focus is on building better infrastructure with the latest technology and acting as the main contractor in ITS projects.

Normilouhinta has more than 20 years in the industry. This has made them experienced specialists in demanding quarrying and excavation linked to road safety solutions.

Varala Engineering are experts in intelligent transport solutions and acts as specialists and advisors in strategy and implementation of traffic monitoring systems.

As a result of innovations concerning both road networks and means of transport, increased demands are placed on future road safety. In alliance with the other companies in the Infrastructure business area, we can meet the requirements and create even greater value for our customers.

  • Location: Tampere and Helsinki
  • CEO: Tommi Saarni
  • Customers: Public sector undertakings, municipalities and road contractors.
  • Turnover: SEK 300 million
  • Employees: 75
  • Certifications: CE, RALA