Elisolation: a leading company within the field of thermosetting plastics and electrotechnical applications

A thorough supplier of processed plastic components and plastics in the form of semi-finished products. Our expertise is in the field of components for insulating electrical applications. However, expertise means nothing without a conscientious attitude. Our genuine commitment, together with our willingness to provide expert assistance, enables us to gain trust and help the customer succeed, even when faced with the most stringent quality requirements.

With close to 80 years of experience, we have become one of the leading specialists in the Nordic region in plastic components for the electrical, automotive, process and machine manufacturing industries. Of our customers, 80% operate in the electrical power sector, and we supply mainly products made from thermosetting plastic that insulate electrical applications; from the most comprehensive switchgears to a switch on a living room wall.

We are used to stringent customer demands. Our products and their characteristics are intended to provide an optimal level of operation in somewhat demanding, and sometimes even extreme, conditions. In order to achieve this, we hold a number of certifications, both branch-specific and also general, in the form of ISO 9001 and 14001. In order to meet the requirements, we have an extensive inventory, modern mechanical equipment and, most importantly, staff who are both knowledgeable and proud of their work.

We make great demands of ourselves, with quality awareness, responsibility and commitment having long been basic pillars of our business. We always aim for accuracy and to deliver products which at the very least meet, and sometimes even exceed, the needs and requirements of our customers.

With high requirements, an equal high level of responsibility follows. And responsibilities are often the key to success. We nurture a culture in which everyone assumes natural responsibilities, not only on an individual level but also as part of a team and a company, and not just for their own work but also for the work of the company as a whole. Working together allows us not only to improve, but also to have more fun doing so.

Our constant ambition to achieve excellence in our work has allowed us to win the trust of customers. Together with a high level of service, genuine commitment and solid competence, this means that our customers tend to stay with us for a long time and allow us to grow alongside them, both here at home and out in the world.

The electrical power industry is faced with some major challenges from the increased electrification inherent in the society of tomorrow. With an ever-greater number of products, from cars to scooters to lawnmowers, run by electricity, the electrical distribution network needs to become more subdivided and refined, which in turn means a greater need for and demands of insulation materials. Naturally, we are ready for this challenge!

  • Location: Laxå
  • CEO: Vasco Olivi
  • Customers: Operators in the electrical, automotive, process and mechanical engineering industries.
  • Turnover: SEK 60 million
  • Employees: 30
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as most industry-specific certifications
  • www.elisolation.se