Formteknik: our development partner in the fields of injection moulding and moulding tools

In the Swedish injection moulding mecca of Småland, there is a place that is fondly and humorously referred to as Polymer Valley, which is home to Formteknik. We have been a leading and full supplier of injection-moulded parts and moulds since 1972. Nonetheless, we prefer to see ourselves as more than simply a supplier. Rather, we take pride in being a development partner that can contribute to the entire process, from an initial concept all the way to a finished product.

What sets us apart from other Swedish players in the field of injection-moulding is both our expertise in the field of mould manufacturing, and our access to everything we need in-house – from development and design to development of tools and production. We have the expertise, production capabilities and, not least, the enthusiasm that allows us to accompany the customer throughout the entire process. We are there all the way, from concept and drawing board to production and finished product, with a contribution that is characterised by flexibility and by resource- and cost-effectiveness.

Today, most of our customers are in the automotive, pharmaceutical and flooring industries, as well as in the field of disability aids. Our focus is on delivering high volumes of high quality in both technically advanced and flexible production, sometimes in class 8D clean rooms and usually with our own moulds developed together with the customer and in response to specific requirements and needs. Our personnel play a consistently key role throughout our operations. Our knowledgeable and committed employees allow us to ensure quality and delivery security, which together make for happy customers.

We have grown with our customers from the very beginning, and frankly, we are spoiled by long and fruitful customer relationships. Söderbergföretagen has also allowed us to establish a level of security that several of our large customers have requested. The future is bright; we will continue to develop together with our existing customers and will find new customers and business opportunities together with our group colleagues in the Nordic Plastics Group.

Just like our customers, our employees stay with us for a long time, thanks to their commitment both to each other and to the company. When you give and accept responsibility and manage the trust you are given, then you both enjoy your work and at the same time deliver good products.

It is of great importance to us to minimize the business’ environmental impact. This means, among other things, that our processes are designed to ensure the efficient use of energy and raw materials and so that waste and residual products are minimised over the life cycles of our products. We also reuse large and ever-growing fractions of the waste material that results from production. Above all, we consider our high-quality level and delivery precision as active environmental work, as we do not need to consume additional materials and resources if we ensure that everything is done properly from the start.

  • Location: Gislaved
  • CEO: Henrik Bjurestrand
  • Customers: Operators in the automotive, pharmaceutical and flooring industries, as well as in the field of disability aids.
  • Turnover: SEK 80 million
  • Employees: 40
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485