Söderbergföretagen acquires the car care company SEAB


Söderbergföretagen is acquiring SEAB, with five operating companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The SEAB group has revenues of SEK 400 million and employs about 100 people. SEAB markets strong brands such as Turtle Wax, WD-40, Wunderbaum, Armor All, STP, Hammerite and Christ

SEAB is the largest distributor of car care products in the Nordic region. The SEAB group consists of SEAB and Constant Clean in Sweden, Auto Care in Norway and SEAB in Finland and Denmark. The group has strong brands in the vehicle, home and garage sectors, and is also a leading supplier of car washes.

"SEAB, the leading Nordic distributor of car care products, is a well-run company, and we see great opportunities in being able to develop the operation. We will utilise the potential of digitisation to reach a broader target group," says Mattias Sonnenfeld, CEO of Söderbergföretagen.

"I am pleased that the family-owned Söderbergföretagen group is taking over. They are focused on leading SEAB into the future and see the opportunities presented by our strong brands," says Svante Landström, majority shareholder of SEAB.

SEAB sells its products through wholesalers and dealers. Its head office is in Sigtuna, Sweden. There are other operations in Huddinge, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

About Söderbergföretagen
With the acquisition of SEAB, Söderbergföretagen has revenues of
more than SEK 1 billion and 410 employees. The Group already includes the companies Nordic Plastics Group, Elisolation, Henjo, Blinkfyrar, Provia, Blink Services and Focus Electronic. Read more about Söderbergföretagen at: www.soderbergforetagen.se

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Mattias Sonnenfeld, CEO of Söderbergföretagen tel. +46 (0)70 654 88 73